Organic Millet Seed

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Millet is a small yellow grain with a mild, sweet corn like flavor. Millet is native to Africa and Asia. Millet is a seed of an annual grass, Millet is a common ingredient in bird seed. Recently, with the growing interest in healthy eating, Millet has become better known as a tasty alternative to rices, primarily brown rices. Unusual among grains that you can cook it with varying amounts of liquid, depending on the texture you desire. Millet is best if toasted before adding cooking liquid.

Millet Seed.

Millet works well when dry roasted, cooked then marinated. Millet is a good companion grain with rice, corn or oats. Millet is very adaptable as it absorbs flavors well in a dish. As with all grains, use as an alternative to rice. For best results toast grain prior to cooking. Add 1 cup of millet to 3 cups of liquid and simmer for 40 minutes. One cup dry yields 3 cups cooked.


Nutrition Information

Organic Millet Seed Nutiriton Info


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