Epicurean Specialty


Heirloom Bean Blend

Our Heirloom Bean Blend is a colorful assortment of heirloom varieties of beans, peas and lentils. These are varieties that have been around for many years, often passed down on family farms for several generations, and that have not been adapted for large-scale farm production.


Gourmet Lentil Blend

Our Autumn Lentil Blend is a seasonal colored blend of some of our best selling lentils including, French Green, Petite Crimson, Golden, Black Beluga, Spanish Pardina and Ivory White Lentils. The color of the blend fades if cooked too long. The blend provides a mild, earthly flavor and soft texture. All lentils in the blend are 1/2 cm. wide except for the Spanish Pardina which is slightly larger.



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