About Epicurean Specialty®

Epicurean Specialty® is a brand of Woodland Foods®. Since 1989 Woodland Foods® has been building relationships with farmers and growers around the world. Through these relationships we have developed the growing and processing techniques that allow for the sourcing and importing of our products. We have traveled to many countries and countless farms to meet those who help deliver the high quality ingredients we are known for.

Our specialty varieties help to maintain the traditional produce and processes from many countries. By making these varieties available to the food industry we are working to keep biodiversity alive and reintroduce the bounty of Mother Nature to everyone. Our ingredients have personality, whether it's an almost-forgotten bean passed down from generation to generation or a seasoning blend found in market stalls in Asia, there is a story behind every product.

People everywhere are excited about trying new and different foods. From our very first shipment of Chanterelle mushrooms in 1989 our focus has been on unusual and exotic ingredients. We've created a niche as a leader in procuring "difficult to find" ingredients from around the world.


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